In-Situ MiniTROLL
The miniTROLL is self-contained and completely submersible and it features the smallest diameter at only 0.72 inches (18.3mm)! The miniTROLL is used by water professionals around the world to collect real-time information for analysis of both short- and long-term water level trends.

Smallest diameter at only 0.72 inches (18.3mm)
Powerful onboard data logger
Internal memory - up to 1MB (440,000 data points)
Linear, linear average, logarithmic, and event logging modes
User-replaceable AA batteries - no need to return to the
High quality vented Quick-Connect cable (FEP or
Polyurethane) - Fully detachable!
Ultimate 4-way pressure compensation including automatic barometric compensation
Optional stainless steel backshell for cableless
applications or suspension by low-cost wire
Real-time crystal clock
Networking and telemetry capable
Accuracy certified to NIST-traceable standards
Multiple product versions - select only the features you need to match your budget
Always upgradeable!
In-Situ instruments are famous for their ease-of-use and the miniTROLL is no exception. With intuitive Windows-based Win-Situ software you will be able to operate the miniTROLL right out of the box. We have designed the software to be intuitive, with Wizards to step you through every operation. The miniTROLL puts our 25 years of experience into a field-proven tool, used by water professionals in virtually every profession.

User Replaceable Batteries! (Most Ecological and
Economical Choice)
Built-in Barometric Compensation options
More Options!! - Gauged (vented) and Absolute (non
vented) options
Direct-Read and Wire Suspension Options
No need to merge data sets for temperature and pressure
Powerful and Easy to Use Software
Upgradeable via the Internet
Version Upgradeable - even downhole!
Watertight Pocket PC and Windows interface
The miniTROLL has been deployed for years in all corners of the earth. We continuously improve the miniTROLL in both hardware and software design to give the customer a tool that is the most current, powerful and has the lowest cost of ownership. Many of the features that make miniTROLL reliable are hidden behind the scenes in our extensive Quality Control and manufacturing process. Other items you may be interested in are built-in and designed to give you a tool that is engineered for years of trouble-free and effortless monitoring. These features include:
316L Stainless Steel Body (far more durable than plain 316 stainless)
Non-Volatile memory
Motorola HC11 Processor
Super-Accurate, Real-time Crystal Clock (More Accuracy Means Less Error)
Digitally Compensated, Media Isolated Silicon Strain-gauge Pressure Sensor
Pressure Rating: 2x range / 3x burst
Up to 6years of Data Logging Capability at 15 minute
FEP(Teflon Equiv.) Cable Option for Harsh Environments
Operating Temperature: -5C to 50C
Our Customers and their clients demand accuracy and precision. The miniTROLL has been extensively tested against competing units in every operating environment known. The result? The miniTROLL is considerably more accurate. Our published specifications are very conservative and reflect our high regard for the integrity of data in all environmental conditions, not just the lab. We stand behind our accuracy by providing a calibration report with EVERY miniTROLL. Some competitors do not include an calibration report. Why? Their accuracy is simply an average of poor accuracy readings (see chart below). They can honestly say their Full Scale specification is good due to the "cancellation" of the negative and positive errors or an average of the pressure readings over temperature.
Pressure Accuracy: 0.05%fs @15°C and 0.1%FS over
entire range
Temperature Accuracy: +/- 0.25C over entire range
Resolution: 16-bit A-D converter: 1mm (0.00531%FS) for
a 30-psi sensor
Automatic Barometric Compensation
Automatic Temperature Compensation -- across the full
temperature range from -5 to 50°C
Fluid Density Correction
Gravitational Acceleration Correction
Liquid Density Correction
NIST-Traceable Calibration
In designing the miniTROLL, as well as in our ongoing product support, we incorporate a philosophy of providing features that our customers will use and appreciate. It does not matter whether a product is the shortest, best-looking or most powerful. In the end, the product must perform flawlessly and effortlessly in the harsh environment of the real-world. Our extensive Marketing Research and world-class Research and Development team constantly test new product improvements and options in the real-world, with feedback from real-world users. This effort has enabled In-Situ to provide our customers with a menu of options to suit their needs as well as budget. All of the miniTROLL products share the same proven technology in both body and internal component materials. Our options simply give you the choice of the right tool for the job. The miniTROLL is also field-upgradeable(even downhole!), should the job requirements change. Here are some of the many optional additions to your toolkit.

Sensor Options
Pressure Only
Temperature Only
Temperature and Pressure
Gauged or Absolute (Vented or Non-vented respectively
All probes are fully temperature compensated- 15, 30, 100, 300 and 500-psi (0-351m, 0-1152 ft)
Suspension and Device Integration Options
Cable Suspension
Poly or FEP Direct-Read Cable
NPT Threaded nose cone option for direct-pressure
Communications Options
Telemetry (Modem, Radio, GOES)
Fully Networkable
3rd-Party Integration
Programming and Data Collection Interface Options
Portable and Watertight Pocket PC
Laptop/Desktop PC
3rd-Party Integration
Open Software Designer Architecture
Multiple language support
Microsoft Windows and Pocket PC Interface that is
powerful and intuitive
Tests and Test Logging Options
Linear Tests
Linear Average Tests
Event Tests
Log Tests
Up to 0.5 second minimum sampling rate
Download only new data (no wrap around)
Up to 16 tests scheduled to run or stored
Up to 440,000 data points stored (220,000 x 2 channels)


Solinst Level Logger Model 3001
The Levelogger is a new approach to the automatic recording of water levels in wells, boreholes, lakes, rivers, tanks, harbours, etc. Each Levelogger consists of sensor(s), battery and data logger housed within a small diameter, factory-sealed stainless steel housing.

The Levelogger uses infra-red data transfer. This allows the use of inexpensive stainless steel wireline, rather than more expensive vented electrical cable. This isolates the transducer from electrical interference and makes it easier to conceal the logger from vandals.

Leveloggers have a battery life of 8-10 years, are available in a variety of ranges, in the two models described below.

The fully automatic, easily programmed Levelogger allows measurements at chosen time intervals as small as 0.5 seconds.

Only 7/8" (22 mm) diameter
Maintenance-free, water-tight probe
Quick installation and retrieval
Easily transported: lightweight, small sized and no hazardous materials forms required
Infra-Red Data Transfer:
No vented electrical cable required
No damage or errors from electrical interference
Avoids vandalism, as the loggers are fully hidden
Very Easy-to-Use Software:
Easy data export to spreadsheets and databases
Automatic temperature compensation (LT)
Barometric compensation wizard in Windows95
Logarithmic, event based or linear sampling (LT)
The LT Levelogger measures pressure and temperature. It displays temperature compensated level and temperature readings. Sampling may be linear, logarithmic or event-based with a maximum of 2 x 24,000 readings stored. It has a resolution of 1/5000th and an accuracy of 0.1% of the stated range, between -10°C and 40°C.

The L Levelogger is a lower cost logger that measures pressure.
It does not measure temperature therefore it is recommended for situations where only minimal temperature change is anticipated,
(i.e. most groundwater applications). Sampling is linear only, with a resolution of 1/1000th and an accuracy of 0.2% of the stated range.

Leveloggers are programmed using a desktop or field portable computer and the optical reader. The software is very easy to use and is available in DOS or Windows95 versions.

The software can be used with either type of Levelogger and older versions of the Levelogger. There are three spaces for entering site, customer and sampling information.

Leveloggers may be time synchronized to the computer clock, and there are options for a direct start or a future start time. The battery has an estimated life of 8-10 years and the life remaining is indicated on the programming screen.

The measurement time interval can be from 0.05 seconds to 99 hours with linear sampling, or the LT Levelogger also has event based and three logarithmic sampling options.

With the optional Windows95 software and an extra Levelogger as the barometric source, barometric compensation can be simplified using the Barometric Compensation Wizard.

The software allows immediate viewing of the data in graph or chart form, or simple downloading for future examination. It also allows easy export into a spreadsheet or database for further processing.

Levelogger Operation
To program the Levelogger use either a desktop or field portable computer and place the Levelogger into the optical reader attached to the computer. Then fill in the various fields in the program screen and start each logger.

Leveloggers can be pre-programmed and taken to site at a later time. If future start is chosen, the full memory is available for useful measurements. If direct start is chosen the operator can see the loggers working before going to the field.

A manual measurement of the initial depth to water is taken in each well, and noted as a base line measurement. If an extra Levelogger is to be used for barometric pressure measurements, this logger is set above high water level in one of the wells.

When the measurement cycle is over each Levelogger is removed from the well and downloaded by placing it in the optical reader to read the memory. This can be done back to the office or at site with a portable computer if the logger is to be reset and returned to the well.

The data can be viewed immediately in chart or graph form, and downloaded to spreadsheets or databases.

Wells, boreholes, standpipes
Pumping and slug tests
Watershed, drainage basin and recharge areas
Stream gauging, lake levels and reservoirs
Harbour and tidal fluctuation monitoring
Tanks, stormwater runoff monitoring
Long term water level monitoring
All intensive monitoring of groundwater levels


In-Situ Hermit 3000 8-channel Datalogger
The newest addition to In-Situ's HERMIT line of data loggers, the HERMIT 3000, monitors up to eight external 4-20 mA probes, plus an internal barometric pressure sensor. Portable and weather-resistant, the HERMIT 3000 is ideal for multi-well sites.

Two ways to program: The HERMIT is completely loaded with software, an easy-to-use keypad, and a big LCD screen for stand-alone programming in the field--even with gloves on. Or, if a PC is handy, you can connect the HERMIT to the PC with its communication cable accessory and launch Win-Situ™ software for even easier data collection schedule programming and probe definition.

Family Pedigree: The HERMIT family has a long and distinguished history, beginning with the first data loggers In-Situ designed and manufactured to meet the demands of hydrologic testing.

Nice Extras: There's an internal barometric pressure sensor that continuously monitors atmospheric pressure during data collection. Networking is easy because the instrument has both RS232 and RS422 communication capabilities. A relay port can be used to turn on alarms or pumps in response to a preset data value. Automatic shutdown after 2 minutes with no keyboard action conserves battery power. There's even a backlight for viewing the LCD in low light conditions. Two-year warranty.

Eight channels plus one internal barometric pressure sensor
Easy-to-use Win-Situ software for customizing tests and
managing data
Single or multi-network options
Large keypad and backlit LCD display
Optional telemetry communications
Two programmable HI/LO relays
Rugged, watertight plastic case
Connect 4-20 mA probes
Scheduled or immediate start of tests
Rugged, reliable, versatile


In-Situ Transducer PXD-260/261

For measuring pressure/water level, In-Situ's PXD-261 pressure transducer combines the benefits of durability, accuracy, compactness, and convenience.

Durable: all stainless steel construction; 2X overpressure
Accurate: ±0.05% of full scale. Calibrated to NIST
Compact: 0.86 inch (22 mm) diameter, 8.5 inches (216 mm) long. Easily fits down a 1" well
Convenient: No field calibration required. Quick-Connect™ cable up to 4,500 feet without loss of accuracy. Absolute or gauged pressure measurement. 7 pressure ranges
Excellent thermal stability and overpressure rating
Quick-Connect™ cable system
316 stainless steel construction
Detailed calibration documentation included
4-20 mA output
Available in seven pressure ranges from 10 PSIA/PSIG (23 ft, 7 m) to 250 PSIA/PSIG (577 ft, 176 m)
Cable for PSIG models is vented to the atmosphere to
compensate for fluctuations in barometric pressure; cable for PSIA transducers is non-vented
1/4" NPT threads for piping installations

In-Situ Pocket PC
Pocket-Situ is a NEW ultra portable user interface for all of In-Situ instruments that runs on the Compaq Pocket PC. It is light-weight, rugged, ultra-portable and it has ALL of the functionality of our Win-Situ 2000 software. Why take a laptop to field when you can take all of the power and functionality of our software in your hand?

Light-weight and easy-to-use
Use with all In-Situ instruments in place of laptop
Start, stop tests and download data from hundreds of units
View text report or graph
Rugged with hardshell plastic case
Watertight case with neckstrap for easy portability and
outdoor use
Very affordable
Plus, all the benefits of the Pocket PC!
Pocket-Situ software for the Pocket PC is now commercially available from In-Situ and stands apart from ALL others as a fully functional instrument control and data management tool. We have taken all of the features of our popular Win-Situ 2000 and made them ultra-portable. Features like real-time readings, graphing, data downloads, remaining battery life and more all in the palm of your hand! Intuitive Wizards guide you through each operation–including test setup and calibration.

Familiar Look & Feel
Win-Situ 2000 software look, feel, & functionality
Short learning curve
Pocket PC stability & support
Convenient Wizards guide every step
Innovative tree organization for instruments, parameters &
Large user selectable format
Powerful functionality
Define, start and stop tests
View data in report or graph format
Take instant readings
Download data - 16MB SD Card can download data from hundreds of units
Set parameters and preferences
Record Field Notes™ with built in microphone - "one
touch" button
Five-Way Navigation Button
Use it with all In-Situ Products
TROLL 8000
TROLL 4000
Upcoming In-Situ product releases
Compaq Chosen for Features & Readability
Harness the power of the Internet and put it in your pocket with the HP iPAQ Pocket PC. Leave the desktop behind and take the Internet and important information with you. Synchronize with your desktop PC to read e-mail, view attachments and stay productive anywhere. The advanced technology of this ultra-thin, ultra-light device recognizes your handwriting and offers soft keyboard controls for easy data input. Synchronize with your desktop PC to read e-mail, view attachments and stay productive anywhere. It's never been easier to enter and manage your personal information, thanks to handwriting-recognition capabilities and specially designed soft keyboard controls. Best of all, this pocket PC's lightweight, ultra-thin design sets you free from your desktop -- while its value sets it apart from the pack.

Easy-to-read Color Display
Super high-resolution color display (4,086 colors) gives you easy screen viewing and sharp, brilliant clarity in any light - indoors or out doors.
Color iPAQ - Color reflective TFT liquid crystal display
240 x 320 resolution
The HP Pocket PC is Fun & Functional Too!
The Pocket PC is also a fully functional PDA, which means that it can run all of the popular Windows CE software.
Take voice memos
Send e-mail *(requires service provider & optional modem)
Store important data
Store addresses and contacts - Autosyncs with MS Outlook
Use Pocket Word or Excel
Play games (or let you buddy play while heading to the field)!
14-hour battery life
Excellent resolution in bright conditions
Optional water resistant case




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