Drager (CMS) Chip Measurement System
Easy to Use
Digital Display of Results
UL, CSA, and MSHA Approved
No Calibration Required
On-Board Data-Recorder
Accurate gas measurements are made easier with the Draeger CMS. This new generation spot-check detection device is literally as easy as 1-2-3 to operate. Simply insert one of the 55 chemical specific CMS Chips into the Analyzer and follow the instructions on the display as to when to move the slide switch. TWA levels are typically analyzed in 1-2 minutes. Upon completion of this process, the concentration is indicated on the LCD display.

The system is based on Draeger’s 60+ years of dry chemical reaction technology used in Draeger-Tubes®. However, the CMS advanced electronics and sampling system delivers accuracies of +/- 4 to 10% of measured values for most gases and vapors.

CMS does not require gas calibration. All measurement and calibration information is stored on a bar code on the CMS Chip. An electronics and leak check is performed before each measurement so you are assured of accurate indications every time. Operating on 4 "AA" cells, the CMS will deliver about 100 measurements per battery change. Popular applications include TWA screening, confined space entry, and emergency response.


Drager Accuro Hand Pump
accuro® Pump

The cornerstone of the Dräger-Tube system is the accuro pump. It draws a calibrated 100 ml sample of air through the Dräger-Tube with each stroke. The one-handed operation is simple and allows you to reach places that a piston pump can not go. A built-in stroke counter tells you exactly how many strokes have been taken. The visual end-of-stroke indicator signifies the completion of each pump stroke.

accuro® 2000 Automatic Pump

The measuring ranges of various Dräger-Tubes can be extended to lower levels if additional pump strokes are taken. The accuro® 2000 Pump is an electronic pump that can be set to take up to 199 pump strokes. It is powered with a rechargeable battery that permits up to 500 strokes on a full charge.


Sensidyne Piston Hand Pump
The Essentials
Safety, precision, ease, speed, and durability are the gas detection system essentials required by health and safety professionals. The streamlined Sensidyne pump provides these essentials and more. . .

Single-stroke operation brings timesaving ease of use to gas detection.
A slender ergonomically designed, sure-grip shape; lightweight, and corrosion-resistant.
Piston-type volumetric pump assures accuracy every time.
Fail-safe handle lock in two positions (50 ml or 100 ml) which virtually eliminates incomplete samples that can occur with squeeze-type pumps when they are not fully collapsed.
Flow finish indicator.
High precision direct reading detector tubes for nearly 300 substances.
Clear indication of concentration level of the substance being measured is shown by the length of the stain on the glass tube. The measurement is precisely recorded for direct reading on a single calibration scale.
No laboratory turnaround time, no power requirement, and no user calibration needed.
Ease and simplicity of use saves training time (training video available), sampling time, and provides a more accurate analysis.
A lifetime warranty, thus ensuring years of dependable, trouble-free operation.
No other system offers the Sensidyne pump's combination of superior features and benefits.
Principles of Operation
Each detector tube contains a reagent that is specifically sensitive to a particular vapor or gas.

These reagents are on fine-grain silica gel, activated alumina or other absorbing media (depending upon application requirements), inside a constant inner diameter, hermetically sealed glass tube.

Most Sensidyne detector tubes are the “direct-reading” type, with calibration markings right on the tube, so measurements can be made as simply and precisely as reading a thermometer.

The actual operation is simple and accurate. Just snap off both “break away” ends of a tube in the convenient tube-tip breaker, insert the tube into the hand held pump, and pull out the pump handle. And that's it.

As the handle is pulled (just like a
syringe), a precisely measured volume of ambient air is drawn inside the tube where it contacts the reagent.

Instantly, the reagent changes color. The reagent reacts quantitatively to provide a length-of-stain indication. The farther the color stain travels along the tube, the higher the concentration of gas. Note the scale mark on the tube where the stain stops and that's the measurement.

It's safe, precise and fast. A Single Stroke of Genius.

Single Stroke Operation
- The Sensidyne pump is the easiest pump to use. There are no repetitive operations to
obtain an accurate sample every time. One stroke is all it takes.
Flow Finish Indicator
- Timing the stroke is not necessary. The Flow Finish Indicator tells you automatically
when the stroke is complete. It operates from the pump's internal vacuum for
total reliability.
High Quality Detector Tubes
- Sensidyne's detector tubes are machine made to the highest factory tolerances. This
assures optimum repeatability from one production lot to the next at a level that is
unmatched by hand made tubes. Both the factory site and the U.S. distribution site are
ISO 9000 certified for total confidence in quality.
- Calibration scales for the detector tubes are printed on the basis of individual
production lots. This eliminates troublesome variations in tube diameters, packing
precision, and/or reagent quality or reactivity. Calibration scales are in ppm, mg/l,
or %, depending on the substance to be measured and the desired measuring range.
Every tube box carries the quality control number and chemical symbol. The expiration
date is prominently stamped on each box.
Expandable Measuring Range
- The calibration curve on most of the Sensidyne detector tubes is a straight line, and
points on the scale are at equal intervals. This means you can measure
concentrations above or below the printed scale by simply increasing or decreasing
the number of pump strokes, as indicated on the instruction sheet.
Sensitive and Stable Absorbing Media
- Using our unique absorbing media, the tubes have extremely clear lines of
demarcation of the color stain. No filter paper or cumbersome reagents are required.
This enhances reliability, reduces measurement time and increases accuracy. These
are stable compounds, providing a long shelf life for most tubes, thus reducing
inventory costs.
Precision Piston Pump
- Two critical factors affecting the accuracy of detector tube measurements are the flow
rate and the volume of air drawn through the tube by the pump. If the flow rate
or volume varies, the sample will not be accurate.
- With a precision piston pump, air flow is initiated by the pump vacuum, which stays
constant after continued use.
- The vacuum is not spring-assisted as with “squeeze-type” pumps. The suction of
squeeze-type pumps is determined almost exclusively by the force of springs
within the pump. Over time the springs can lose tension, resulting in slow strokes,
thus jeopardizing accuracy and repeatability.
Durable Construction
- Our unique pump design offers the best of both worlds. It is simple to use and rugged
enough for any industrial setting. The light weight aluminum alloy construction provides
years of trouble free use.
Standard Tube-Tip Breaker
- A tube-tip breaker, which catches the glass ends of the detector tube, is standard in
each pump for added safety. Flying glass and misplaced broken tube tips are not a
problem with the Sensidyne pump.
No Special Tools
- Nontechnical personnel can perform normal sampling and maintenance rapidly and
accurately. You do not have to purchase any special tools, and the spare items in the
pump kit are normally all that are required for years of trouble-free operation.


RAE Piston Hand Pump LP-1200
Simple operation - all personnel can operate with ease
On the spot, quick, direct measurement
No calibration - ready for immediate use
No chemical reagents to prepare or calibration cylinders to purchase and dispose
No power requirement
Very portable and light weight for difficult measurement situations
Minimal maintenance
Reproducible and accurate
Low cost, economical

· Precision, hand operated, piston pump. Constant, accurate 100 ml volume achieved with
string-less design. Achieves extremely dependable, consistent and accurate results
· Locking handle, graduated shaft with red line indicator for 50 ml and 100 ml volumes
· Stroke counter for simplified multiple stroke applications
· Robust, corrosive resistant, aluminum construction. Light weight
· High purity, finely ground material coated with chemical reagents to provide well defined color
change. Clear end point to make reading concentrations simple and accurate
· Outer surface etched with details of detection gas formula, standard sample volume required,
arrow indicating gas flow and accurate graduated scale to easily read the gas concentration

· No special tools needed Simple tube break-off and disposal system




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