Gilian GilAir Air Sampling Pump

A GILIAN® Personal Air Sampling System is worn by a worker during the work shift to determine exposure to ambient particulates, gases, or vapors. It draws a carefully controlled volume of air and contaminants through collection media over the period. The media is then sent to a laboratory for analysis, resulting in a calculated level of exposure.

Automatic Constant Flow
This is the most important feature of any sampling pump, and is standard on all GILIAN® Pump models (except BDX-II). It assures pulsation-free flow is maintained within ±5% of the initial set point, even with varying back pressures from flow restrictions or buildup of material on the filter.

Battery LED
These lights tell you when the battery pack is fully charged, assuring a minimum of 8 hours of service over the operating range.

Clock/Programmable Timer
Clock pump models have a digital display with elapsed time, including a Run/Hold function to pause and resume sampling. This option is available for all GILIAN® pump models except BDX-II.

Another option available on most models is a programmable timer which can be used to start or stop the pump at preset time intervals or to program a delayed start.

Built-In Rotameter
A rotameter with graduated LPM scale is standard on all models except LFS-113 and GilAir II, giving you an easy way to visually inspect to make sure the pump is maintaining the required flow rate throughout the sampling period.

Instant Fault Function
The fault light indicator is activated when the pump attempts to operate outside ±5% of the required flow rate, such as from low battery, blocked tubing or filter, or other severe flow restriction. If fault condition persists for 30-60 seconds, pump automatically shuts down and freezes the timer. Units with timer display preserve run time on the display, ensuring a valid sampling result. If fault condition is cleared before shutdown, the pump resumes normal sampling and fault light goes out. GILIAN Pumps offer this fault feature while in constant low flow mode.

Anti-Tamper Control Cover
A cover plate is set in place over the control panel with a single screw, protecting flow control settings and off-on switch from inadvertently being changed during sampling period.

Low Flow Module With Constant Flow Control
These modules can be quickly added to most high flow GILAIR pumps to adapt them to the lower flow rates required for sorbent tube sampling. Also available is a multiflow low flow module, which maintains constant pressure and allows sampling with multiple sorbent tubes, each with an independently set flow rate.

Both suction and discharge sampling
This feature makes pump suitable not only for conventional pull-through sampling media but also for bag sampling and other pressure applications.

See-Through Inlet Filter Housing
This feature protects pump from dirt and debris and is externally mounted on the pump, making it easy to visually inspect the filter. Filter replacement requires the removal of just four screws. Built-in moisture trap helps prevent moisture from entering and damaging the pump chamber, such as moisture carryover from impingers.

One Year Warranty
Twelve month warranty is standard, guaranteeing all pumps against any defects in parts and/or workmanship.

Rechargeable NiCad Battery Packs
These sealed battery packs provide approximately 8 to 10 hours of reliable operation on a single charge. They may be charged in place on the pump or easily detached for separate charging or for quick field change in a safe area. Packs are intrinsically safe, as they are UL listed. They include a current limit circuit for explosion protection.

Stainless steel belt clip
Clip is extra wide to provide maximum comfort to wearer and prevent the pump from tilting.

EMI/RFI Protection
This shielding helps to make sure ambient radio and electromagnetic interference from plant operations don’t affect the pump’s flow control and timer circuit functions, degrading the accuracy of your sampling.


Gilian Gilibrator Flow Calibrator

GILIBRATOR-2® Diagnostic Calibration System

Primary standard accuracy and performance validation for sampling pump air flows from 1cc to 30 LPM

Sensidyne’s GILIBRATOR-2® System provides the user with a convenient and highly automated way to check almost any commercially available air sampling pumps for proper air flow function before their deployment.

The system consists of an electronic GILIBRATOR-2® Base, which is used with any of three sizes of wet bubble cells. It can also be used with a new soapless piston-type cell, offering the ultimate in convenience and fast setup.

These patented interchangeable components are also available as part of kits which can also include a complete calibration diagnostic panel. All cells use a twist-on bayonet design for quick and easy mounting to the base. All are certified for accuracy, traceable to NIST. Sensidyne recommends calibration of your Gilibrator System, whether wet cell or soapless dry cell, at least once a year.

Wet Cells

Three bubble-type cells are available, for air flow ranges of:

1 to 250 cc (low flow cell);
20cc to 6 LPM (standard flow cell); and;
2 to 30 LPM (high flow cell).

When used with the GILIBRATOR-2® Base, these unique, interchangeable wet cells automatically generate perfect bubble films at the touch of a button, using infrared technology to read the bubble flow rate, which is then calculated and displayed.

Piston Cell

This unique cell uses a soapless piston-type design to provide a primary flow standard for air flows from 1 to 5 LPM. Based on a nearly frictionless piston, it is ideal for field or lab environments where the user may prefer a liquid-free instrument, assuring accuracy and reproducibility.


Easy to operate, microprocessor-controlled unit features simple on/off and reset touchpad with large LCD screen that displays flow rate, the calculated average of multiple flow samples in a series, and the sample number. Light in weight, it operates with either AC power or rechargeable Nicad batteries (8 hour life), for easy portability in either the lab or the field.

GILIBRATOR-2® Diagnostic Kits

Offers the industrial hygienist a complete, portable calibration laboratory. Consists of GILIBRATOR-2® Base with either three wet bubble cells or one soapless piston cell in a cushioned carrying case, with a full diagnostic panel built into the top lid of the case. The panel uses an interchangeable rotameter design for 2 to 5,000 cc flow capability and will run any of several diagnostic tests:
“Load” simulation
- Offers two load simulations for high and low flows to imitate line back-pressures.
Back pressure reading
- A built-in Magnehelic® gauge allows visual moni-toring of in-line back pressures
up to 30" H2O.
Leak checking
- Built-in Magnehelic® gauge allows visual leak testing and monitoring capabilities.
Pump flow adjustment
- Rotameters allow instant visual indication of approximate flow rates, assisting in
properly adjusting air flows.

Low Flow Wet Cell
- Dimensions: 2”W x 4”H x 2.1”D (51W x 102H x 53mmD) Weight: 0.4 lbs. (.18 kg)
Standard Flow Wet Cell
- Dimensions: 2.5"W x 6"H x 2.6"D (64W x 152H x 66mmD) Weight: 0.82 lbs. (0.37 kg)
High Flow Wet Cell
- Dimensions: 3.5"W x 8.1"H x 3.7"D (89W x 206H x 94mmD) Weight: 2.26 lbs. (1.02 kg)
Piston Soapless Cell
- Dimensions: 4.0"W x 9.6"H x 7.5"D (102W x 244H x 191mmD)
Weight: 2.74 lbs. (0.24 kg)
Flow Range, Accuracy
- Low Flow Wet Cell, 1 - 250 cc/min., ±1% of reading accuracy; Piston Soapless Cell,
1 - 5 LPM, ±3% of reading accuracy; Standard Flow Wet Cell, 20cc to 6 LPM, ±1% of
reading accuracy; High Flow Wet Cell, 2-30 LPM, ±1% of reading accuracy
Temperature Limits
- Operating Temperature: 5o to 35oC (41o to 95oF); Storage Temperature: 0o to 50oC
(32o to 122oF)
- DC Power Source: Internal Battery Pack; AC Power Source: Continuous operation |
through adapter/charger; Battery Charge Time:14 Hrs.; Expected Battery Life: over 300
charge/recharge cycles; Transmission Link: RS-232; Interface Connectors: Charger
Jack (2.1mm barrel jack), Printer Jack (DB-25), SensorJack -Piston Cell (DB-15),
SensorJack - Wet Cell (DB-9)


Bios DryCal DC-Lite Primary Calibrator for Flow Verification & Field Audits

The DryCal DC-Lite is the next generation flow meter from Bios International, the world-leader in dry piston technology. Building upon the success of its predecessors, the DryCal DC-1 and DC-2, the DC-Lite offers primary, high-speed volumetric calibrations in a compact, field-portable instrument. Its user-friendly features, all-in-one package design, and immunity to flow source pulsation-combined with its affordable cost-make the DC-Lite the ideal tool for a variety of industrial hygiene, environmental, or laboratory applications.

The DC-Lite reduces calibration time and enhances user-convenience, increasing application effectiveness. Its off-the-shelf operation and quick, accurate measurements-via single readings or continuous readings with averages-ensure rapid calibration sessions. Five DC-Lite flow models take readings ranging from 1ml to 30,000ml per minute, which can be printed to Bios' 4"-wide battery-powered thermal printer. An auto shut-off helps to maintain battery life.

When used with its optional companion product, the Nexus data-logging module, the DC-Lite's volumetric flow measurements can be automatically corrected for standardized temperature and pressure, time and date stamped, stored in non-volatile memory, or downloaded into a PC spreadsheet.

Companion Product

Dramatically expand the capabilites of the DC-Lite with a Nexus control module. The Nexus allows for advanced data-logging and data download to PC spreadsheet programs while the Nexus NS adds temperature and pressure standardization.


Gilian AirCon-2 High Volume Sampler

The AirCon-2 sampler is a high volume unit with an extended flow range, designed for collecting particulate in a given plant area. It is ideal for asbestos background and clearance sampling, following NIOSH, OSHA, or EPA methodology, and for ambient dust monitoring. The AirCon-2 System is available in a a programmable version that operates off either AC or battery power. It comes with an adjustable tripod mast and connecting hose to hold the filter cassette at the proper height and isolate the filter from the vibration of the unit. The cassette and filter media must be ordered separately. All Samplers are warranted for one full year.

Programmable AirCon-2 Sampler
The touchpad and LCD display on the front of this DC powered unit allows the user to program as many as three custom timing routines for unattended sampling up to 99 hours. The program feature can be used to control starts and stops to the sampling run, as well as delays, holds, and number of cycles.

Programmable units include an instant fault function. When the unit is operated out of its performance envelope, the AirCon-2 sampler will terminate the sampling run and lock in the time. A flashing word ‘FAULT’ appears on the display to alert the operator. Back pressure load on the unit can be checked through the LCD display at any time simply by pressing a button on the front control panel.

Programmable AirCon-2 Sampler – Battery Powered (DC Version)
This unit is identical to the AC programmable unit, except that it operates off a 12Vdc battery pack, for completely portable sampling. In addition, it can be operated directly off the charger module connected to AC, without the use of a battery. Battery-powered Sampler does not include a battery pack and power module, which must be ordered separately.

12v Battery Packs
Available in 4-hour packs, which can be stacked on top of each other to obtain up to an 8-hour sampling period. A power module charger is required to charge the battery pack.

Power Module Charger
Provides rapid recharging of battery packs, whether the packs are independent or connected to the sampler. That is, it recharges batteries while simultaneously powering the sampler from an AC source. Batteries are fully charged in 14 hours (operational) or 8 hours (non-operational).


SKC PCXR8 Sampling Pump

Constant flow air sample pump with wide flow range
Accurate air volumes without the need for frequent sample pump adjustments, smooth air flow for high flow (750 to 5000 ml/min), pulseless for low flow (5 to 500 ml/min). Low flow air sampling applications require the optional Adjustable Low Flow Holder (Cat. No. 224-26 series)

Automatic fault features
Ensure integrity of results with shutdown on low battery, restricted flow, and excess back pressure; all with time-retention

Back pressure compensation to 40 inches of water
Automatically corrects to maintain a constant flow

Built-in low flow pressure regulator at no extra cost
For low flow air sampling at 5 to 500 ml/min (requires the 224-26 series Adjustable Low Flow Holder accessory)

Multi-tube low flow air sampling capability
Built-in pressure regulator allows up to 4 tubes to be run simultaneously; reduces time in the field; uses fewer pumps

Small and compact air sampling pump
Measures only 5.1 x 4.7 x 1.9 inches (13 x 11.9 x 4.8 cm) and weighs 34 oz (964 gm)

Built-in rotameter & particulate trap
Provides a visible check of pump flow rate during air sampling; the filter assembly with see-through housing and trap protects the pump from debris and reduces maintenance requirements

Long-life NiCad battery
Provides a minimum of 8 hours of continuous use per charge; battery charge test ensures pump lasts entire shift

Large easy-to-read LCD
Displays battery status, total sample time, delayed start, sample period, sample over, program setup, hold, and fault

Easy keyboard programming & control
Convenient program setup and display read out; interrupt/hold button permits shutdown for breaks, lunch, or to recheck the air sample pump; programmable for delayed start time, intermittent sampling, extended sampling up to 7 days, timed shutdown, and repeatability

Ultra-quiet operation
Designed for on worker applications; quiet enough for indoor air quality investigations

Heavy-duty RFI/EMI-shielded case
Protects from interference from 27 through 1000 MHz

Intrinsically safe, UL listed
Class I groups A, B, C, D; Class II Groups E, F, G; Class III; Temperature Code T3C.






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